I talked to a new client last Friday. Friday was busy for me, however, so I had the typical 15-minute introductory phone call with this client, and then asked if we could schedule a more in-depth phone call for Monday. This is also typical. With almost everyone we work with, we have a short intro phone call, followed by an in-person meeting or longer phone call.

The client agreed, and I got on with my busy Friday.

Monday, we had our scheduled in-depth phone call, and everything was great.

Except. I learned that after I got off the phone with this client on Friday, they pursued new business on their own. Without me.

They had every right to do that and I’m not mad at them. I’m mad at myself.

After I explained how we work to this client yesterday, they were completely on board with having me help them and being part of the process. When I’m part of the process, I get paid. I can go out for dinner when I’m part of the process. When I’m not part of the process, I eat frozen vegetables and douse them with salt so I can trick myself into thinking they taste savory.

(Don’t worry, I unfreeze the vegetables first.)

I wasn’t part of the process for this particular event with this particular client. I hope I will be part of things moving forward, but if I’m not, I know why.

I avoided taking action when it was right in front of me. Instead, I waited.